Comic Nish Kumar booed off stage at charity bash

Comic Nish Kumar booed off stage at charity bash

After creating a joke on Monday comedian Nish Kumar has been booed off the stage.

Kumar, that hosts the BBC’s Mash Report, performed in the Lord’s Taverners charity dinner that was yearly.

“You are the only crowd in my complete 13-year history of doing that have really thrown something at me,” Kumar explained, following a bread roll hit on the point.

Radio 1 DJ and Taverners’ ambassador Greg James stated the behavior of a number of the audience was”dreadful”.

James added that he was “ashamed to be there”.

The event, in the Grosvenor House of London, raised money to offer a start in life to children.

On point, Kumar explained it as”the rowdiest gig I have ever done”. Video footage showed him being interrupted by hecklers, among whom shouted”do not do math”.

“It is an election period and I believed it’d be intriguing to ignite a dialogue here,” explained Kumar, “but obviously the dialogue I have sparked is, this man is a little bit of an [expletive].’

“I’d think it’d be wonderful to come back here and speak to men and women who had a distinct political perspective for me personally, and I thought it would be fascinating for me to discuss my standpoint – but obviously that has not been the case.”

But while the routine lasted, the audience started a”slow clap”, and Kumar refused to depart the point.

“I am not going anyplace,” Kumar explained. “Surely not.

“I understand you need me to get it done but I am not don’t depart. Absolutely not. Surely not.”

The host of this case, who escorted him joined Kumar.

he asked.

The comic Twitter to make light of this audience’s reaction.

In addition, he submitted a 1966 clip of Bob Dylan mocking newspaper reports asserting his concert motivated walkouts.

Lord’s Taverners has been contacted by the BBC.