EU Law States Electric Cars Must Make Fake Noise

EU Law States Electric Cars Must Make Fake Noise

Every new model of electric cars sold within the European Union must now produce fake noise when in certain situations. New models must be fitted with an Acoustic Vehicle Alert Systems (AVAS for short) as well as existing and hybrid models by July 2021. With an AVAS installed the vehicle will make a sound when travelling under 12mph or reversing.

This concern was raised due to the fact that an electric or hybrid doesn’t have the traditional combustion based engine which is louder than an electric engine. This issue means that electric models pose a greater risk to road users and pedestrians, especially those who are blind or partially sighted.

The actual sound of the AVAS installed within the car can be decided by the manufacturer but the EU’s legislation states that the sound must be similar to a traditional combustion engine. it should also give pedestrians an idea on what the vehicle is doing, synchronizing with a cars speed for example.


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