No 10 Stays silent after Goldsmith States Prince Harry is ‘blowing up’ royal Household

No 10 Stays silent after Goldsmith States Prince Harry is ‘blowing up’ royal Household

Boris Johnson’s spokesman said he’d watched the two-hour interview but he had no additional comment to make.

Amid crisis talks in Buckingham Palace, No 10 said it wouldn’t be attracted into any conclusion on the allegations of racism made by Meghan or the condition of the mental wellbeing she clarified following her marriage.

The duchess said an undercover member of the royal household raised”concerns and discussions about how dark his epidermis could be if he is born” while she was pregnant with her infant son, Archie.

But, Downing Street failed to criticise remarks from one of Johnson’s ministers — that the Conservative Lord Zac Goldsmith, who also accused the prince of”blowing his loved ones”.

His remarks came in a tweet in reaction to ITV News’s imperial editor, Chris Ship, who said that the few”dropped bomb following heavy bomb Buckingham Palace” from the interview.

Goldsmith said it was”not’ Buckingham Palace’ — Harry’s household” after which tweeted –“Harry is blowing his family up…”What Meghan desires, Meghan gets”

Asked quite a few occasions whether Downing Street wanted to distance itself from Goldsmith’s opinions, Johnson’s spokesman failed to do so. “You have the PM’s words in the media conference last night and that I will not be adding any farther to what he stated,” he explained.

In the Downing Street press conference on Tuesday,” Johnson said: “I’ve always had the maximum respect for the Queen and the unifying role she plays within our nation and throughout the Commonwealth,” he explained. “I’ve spent quite a while not commenting on royal household matters and I do not mean to leave from that now”.

Labour has known for an investigation of the racist remarks seemingly made by a royal. The party boss, Keir Starmer, has stated Meghan raised”quite serious problems” of racism in addition to talking about her suicidal ideas, which she stated that the palace told her she shouldn’t look for our assistance.

The shadow education secretary, Kate Green, told Sky News: “When there are allegations of racism, I’d expect them to be treated with the palace together with the extreme seriousness and completely researched.”

The silence out of Downing Street comes compared to the US president Joe Biden.

“For anybody to come forward and talk in their own struggles with emotional wellbeing and inform their personal narrative, that requires courage. That is definitely something that the president considers.”